January 2nd at 9 am registration opens for returning CSA members.
January 8th at 9 am registration opens for new CSA members.

Sideroad Farm offers a weekly CSA box program the Blue Mountains, Meaford, Collingwood, Walters Falls and Toronto areas. Our Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program starts around the end of June, runs for 18 weeks, and  features our certified organic veggies, herbs and farm fresh pasture-raised egg shares. CSA is a mutually beneficial program that benefits both the members and the farm. Members agree to support the farm for a period of time, which includes sharing in the risks associated with farming due to extreme weather, pests, and other events that are largely out of the farmers control. In turn, the farmers benefit from the cash injection at the beginning of the season when inputs are being purchased and stability offered by the CSA program and will do their best to provide fresh, quality and abundant amounts of food to their membership for the period of time that the program runs. Community Shared Agriculture has been around for decades and we see it as a crucial model to support thriving & resilient small scale agriculture in our communities. Please read through this page to learn about Sideroad Farm’s CSA program.

CSA Member Agreement

Here’s what our members have to say about our CSA:

“Everything is so fresh and tastes incredible. There was a great mix of tried and true favourites and new varieties that made for unique and never boring meals. I highly recommend it!”

“Receiving our Farmer’s box from Sideroad was a highlight of our week. It inspired new recipe ideas. It felt good to be eating organic and supporting local farmers. The eggs were delicious – I don’t know how we are going to do without these over the winter! The entire operation is very professional and well organized – loved Amy’s weekly newsletter; delivery was always on time and customized boxes were packed correctly; easy to use system and amazing fresh produce. Thank you Amy & Patrick!”

“I loved being a member of the Sideroad Farm CSA. There was a big variety of produce each week. I especially loved all the amazing salad greens. Amy and Pat were super accommodating to any changes I requested. They put a lot of energy and love into their farm and it shows with all the amazing produce! I’m so grateful for such an amazing source of local & organic food. I look forward to being a member for many years to come!”

“I tried out the CSA program this year and I LOVED IT! Our family looked forward to Tuesdays and seeing what veggies we got to share for the coming week. You can taste the quality… the carrots remind me of growing up on the farm and pulling them right out of the ground to eat! The greens last forever with a fresh taste that can’t be matched. I’m looking forward to the winter share, and will be signing up again for the summer share program.”

“We are so impressed with Sideroad Farm CSA program. The quality of the produce is top-notch, the selection stellar, and ability to customize is truly a godsend. Patrick and Amy are so organized, professional, and community-oriented, they make the program easy and fun.”

“Now more than ever our communities need to support local businesses. We love the CSA model because we invest our money back into the community by supporting a family run operation and contribute to food security in our region. Sideroad Farm’s CSA program provides my family with excellent quality, organically grown produce and supports regenerative agricultural practices in our region. This is the way to a healthier future. It is time to show local farmers that we support them and an excellent way to do that is through investment in their CSA programs.”

Program Length and Start

Our CSA Program starts in late June and runs for 18 weeks – until around the end of October. During that time you will receive a weekly delivery of produce and/or eggs depending on the type of share you purchase. The exact start date of the program is dependent on the spring weather.

Share Options and Pricing

We have three share options for weekly deliveries. Members can add-on to their weekly deliveries (e.g. flowers and extra veggies when available).

The Veggie Share
Our veggie share is completely custom!
You can pick the farmers choice bin which includes approximately 8-10 different certified organic veggies from our farm that we have selected or build your own bin using our online system. A minimum order of $33 of vegetables/herbs per week is required although some members choose to purchase more via the online store. Veggie share program members receive approximately a 10 – 15% discount over our farmers market prices. The veggie share costs $33/week ($594/season).

Veggies that we grow include (but not limited to): Green, yellow and purple beans, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red and green cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, bok choi, sweet corn, collard greens, cucumbers, eggplants, arugula, our special peppery salad mix, spring mix, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, microgreens, onions, scallions, parsnips, peas, sweet and hot peppers, peashoots, potatoes, pumpkins, radicchio, radishes, spinach, winter squash, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, tomatillos, ground cherries, zucchini and summer squash.

Herbs that we grow include: Basil, chives, cilantro, dill, lavender, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme.

The Flower Share
10 weeks of fresh, lush, organically grown cut flowers from our farm. The hand tied bouquets are colourful and will brighten your home through the season. The flower share costs $20/week ($200/season).

The Egg Share
The egg share is an add-on to our veggie share program, it can not be ordered on its own. With this option you will receive one dozen pasture-raised eggs fed certified organic feed with your CSA bin per week. The price is $8.50/week for a full egg share, which works out to $153/season or $76.50/season if you select a half egg-share (1/2 dozen every week).

The Community Share
When purchasing your veggie share, you have the option of donating towards a CSA share for a family in need in our community. Your donations will be matched by Sideroad Farm. If you know of anyone who could use a Community Share this season, please reach out to us via email. All nominees and recipients will remain anonymous.

Pick Up Locations

Weekly shares are picked up from designated locations between Walters Falls and Toronto. The list of current locations are listed below.

Our current pick up locations include:
Thornbury – Tuesday
Meaford – Tuesday
Collingwood – Tuesday or Saturday
Toronto West – Baby Point Road: Wednesday
Toronto East – Davisville and Mt. Pleasant: Wednesday
Walters Falls (at the farm) – Tuesday or Saturday

How to Sign up and Pay for your Share

To sign up for the CSA program, please make sure that you have read through all of the CSA Member Agreement, CSA FAQs and then click here to register.

We ask that you pay at least 50% of your total share cost at the time of sign up and the remainder by May 15th. Payment prior to the start of the season helps us to offset the costs of growing the produce and eggs that you receive during the season. We accept payment via cash, cheque or e-transfer (our preferred method).

Alternative payment plans are available for those who would prefer another arrangement. Please don’t hesitate to ask us!

What to Expect From Your Share and Your Farmers

When choosing to become a CSA member, you are choosing to eat seasonally, meaning that the majority of your share will change throughout the 18 weeks. While this can be challenging at first, most customers find the experience of eating seasonally exciting and delicious. We select our produce varieties for excellent taste (and not storageability) and therefore things may look a little different from what you may find in a grocery store.

You can expect, and our promise to you, is that all of the products that you receive from Sideroad Farm will be certified organic  (i.e. no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, no GMOs) and grown with yours, ours and the Earth’s health in mind.

You can also expect to join a community of CSA customers who connect through social media, receive regular updates from the farm and weekly newsletters during the CSA season as well as invitations to visit the farm.

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