March CSA Update

Hi Folks,

It’s the 15th of the month, so time for another pre-season newsletter. Welcome to those of you who have signed up for the CSA in the last month.

It’s been a big month for our farm and so I’ll try to hit on the highlights to keep you all up to date on how we’re doing.

Probably our most exciting news, which you may or may not be privy to, is that we have found our forever farm and are now in the process of moving our farm, our animals, and our life. To back up a little bit for those of you who are new to us…Patrick and I, for the last two years, have been farming on Patrick’s family land in Heathcote while living in our house in Clarksburg (about a 5 minute commute). We’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to farm in such a beautiful setting for the past two years with family who support what we are doing, and have tolerated our piles of farm rubble, dirty farm boots in their kitchen and the occasional rogue pig, but we have come to realize that there are challenges to staying where we are currently farming for the long term. Long process short, we have found a place that we can settle down for good that has the infrastructure to allow us to farm in a much more practical and efficient way.

Where are we going you ask? Not too far. We’ll still be on the same Sideroad (hooray we don’t have to change the farm name), but about 10 minutes west of where we are right now. The new farm is close to the little town of Walter’s Falls, a beautiful area for those of you who know it. The property is about 60 acres and has two barns, one large, one small. Most of the land is farmable and has been in production recently. There is a farmhouse on the property that we’ll be moving into shortly. We have already begun the process of moving our livestock over and will be hopefully moving into the house shortly pending a serious painting party and some new floors.

We will be keeping vegetable production at the old farm in Heathcote for the time being (at least this season but likely longer) as we take the time to observe the new land, plan out where we want to place the various aspects of our farm and transition the land to organic (or in our case, Certified Naturally Grown). I may grow some flowers at the new farm this year, depending on how the spring goes. From what we know about the land, for most of the 2000’s it was a “natural” livestock operation, until 2 years ago when new owners put into a conventional barley crop.

After six years of farming on three different properties, it’s hard to put into words the feeling that we have about moving to our very own farm, but some of the feels we have been experiencing include – elation, relief, enthusiasm, motivation, shock and disbelief, readiness. We are so ready for this to happen…our business and life has been bursting at the seams so our forever farm seems to have come at just the right time.

Okay so in other news, seedlings are being sown…so many seedlings that Patrick is in the process of building a new hoophouse just to house them all. He was up at the new place this morning at 5 am framing up the structure and bending the hoops. We’re onto seeding the nightshade family this week (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers). Leeks and onions are done, as well as early season greens.

As I write this now, dear Patrick is still up at the new farm observing our first spring litter of pigs being birthed. Roberta (Bob) the pig was up first and at the last update I received has had nine piglets. We have two more sows due next month.

We now have two apprentices working with us for the season, Kayla from Toronto and Aaron from Toronto. One a vegan and one who has written a book on bacon (literally). Meal planning will be one of their first tasks as apprentices 😉

There is much more to tell, but I best leave it for future versions of the newsletter because there are tomatoes to be planted still tonight. You all wanted less cherry tomatoes in the CSA right? Kidding! Kidding…

Lots more photos up on the Facebook page and Instagram as well.

Until next time!

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