Baby Wyatt and Farm Plans for the Future

If you don’t follow our Facebook page then you may have missed us announcing the newest member of our farm crew (although it will be a few years til he’s really ready to work). We welcomed baby Wyatt Vedder Kitchen into the world at 1:50 pm on Sunday November 2nd. He was born at the Collingwood General Hospital with the help of the midwives. He’s a healthy boy and weighed in at 8 lbs 7 oz.

If you’re wondering about the middle name, we aren’t Pearl Jam fanatics (although they are pretty good)…our previous farm in BC was sandwiched between the Vedder River and Vedder Mountain in Chilliwack. It seemed fitting that we gave him a tribute to our west coast roots.


The photo is of Wyatt at three weeks. He’s growing like a weed, a desirable, adorable weed. 

Now that the season is done and baby growing is out of the way, we’re settling into a routine at home. I have plans to maintain this blog a little more frequently. To give you a taste of what will be featured here over the next few months:

– 2014 season review and wrap up
– hiring of interns/employee for the 2015 season
– debuting our 2015 CSA program and CSA signup
– farming in snow drifts (feature post by farmer Patrick)
– local and ethical meat options
plus more (time permitting of course)…

~ Amy ~

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