Happy News from the Farmers

I am taking a break from my blog hiatus to let all of you wonderful readers know the most important thing we’ve been growing all season…


(Photo by Laura Reive Photography…who is amazing by the way!)

That’s right. Pat and I are expecting a little baby any day now and if you aren’t part of our CSA or if you don’t see us at markets you may have had no idea! To answer the obvious question – we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl…we’re having a little surprise!

I’ll keep this short but wanted to say how appreciative we are of all of our friends, family, customers and neighbours who have been incredibly supportive and excited for us as we get ready for our new addition. We’ll let you all know when baby arrives and promise to bring them along to some markets next season so you all can meet it.

I have this idea that I’ll be able to write more blog posts and keep you folks more informed over the winter season in between cuddle time and feedings. But I imagine that I am being a little delusional about that. I do owe you a big update on the season though which I will try to post shortly.


Amy and Pat

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