With a little help from our friends

Holy dina has it ever been a long time since we blogged. Just about every farm blog I read has had the same old story lately though…it’s the height of the season….blah blah blah, we’re busy. It’s not that I don’t have time to sit down and write a blog post, it’s more that I lack the creative energy that seems to flow through me more readily in the off-season. Anyways, I started this post awhile ago, and wanted to finish it before August is too far gone. It’s all about the lovely people who have graced us with their presence over the last month…and for whom we are so grateful to have been able to see and share our farm with.

When we moved here from BC, we told just about every one that we know to come visit us in Ontario…little did we know that they would plan to come all in the same week in August ๐Ÿ™‚ It made for a bit of a hectic week, but was also refreshing to take a bit of a breather from our regular day-to-day farm life.

First off, Pat’s friend from McGill, Will, was here on and off for about a month over the summer. Will had recently come back from an internship in the Bahamas where he was practicing permaculture techniques on a small-scale farm.

How many men does it take to get Roberta out of the truck? None. She wasn't moving for nobody.
How many men does it take to get Roberta out of the truck? None. She wasn’t moving for nobody.

I think he came here because he was interested in learning more about how his skills applied to a working farm. We were interested in him coming to visit for the hard labour he brought to the table…and to hang out of course. Extra muscles aside, Will had excellent ideas about how to improve our farm and took a particular interest in building up compost piles (which was something that just kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list). We’re happy to report that the compost is alive and well and growing…Pat has been inspired to keep it up by insuring that every single scrap makes it into the pile.

Image 1
Soon to be black gold.

Next came our friend Phil whom we met at school in BC. We hadn’t seen Phil in a while since he has moved back to Utah so it was great to catch up. He was keen to work, and told us stories of his farmer friends in California who take naps every day after they have lunch (something to aspire to). Although Phil was only here for one night, he managed to dazzle some of the ladies of Clarksburg with his fine guitar skills at a neighbour’s BBQ. Phil…you’re welcome back anytime ๐Ÿ˜‰

Image 2
Phil gets away with some light lifting as Pat carries in the potato harvest

Next our friends Julie and Andy came into Toronto, and although they didn’t get up to the farm this time (they came for a visit in June already) we managed to sneak into Toronto to catch a Jays game with them. I’m not going to lie…it felt pretty awesome to just sit on our butts for an afternoon. The company was okay too, and so was the baseball. My only regret was not having ballpark frank…rats, I love hotdogs.

Image 5
Cheap seats = better city view and more room in the budget for beverages. No pic of Julie and Andy…but we’ll get you next time guys ๐Ÿ™‚

A day after the baseball game, Jenna Bedore graced us with her presence. Jenna had quite the hectic travel schedule, visiting friends and family, and so we’re quite honoured that she managed to fit us in. She even got up super early to take the bus up here from Toronto. What a friend! Jenna stayed just long enough to help us with the Monday harvest, get completely freaked out by the chickens and eat a really good all-farm grown dinner (topped off with a very synthetic McCain’s deep and delicious cake…I’m not sure why that happened…it seemed like a good idea at the time).

Image 3
I think the pigs were less scary than the chickens…but her face isn’t really conveying a look of comfort here is it?

Last but definitely not least, one of my best friends from Victoria came to visit. Kate was here for a couple of nights, and of course she ended up working….and hanging out at the Clarksburg Market with me. Always nice to have a market buddy. It was so so nice to catch up with an old friend, and I think that Kate really liked being at the farm…as I took from her statement “It’s so nice to be somewhere where you don’t have to shower”. Yes, we agree Kate.

Image 4
Kate holds down the fort, and eats all of the samosas at the Clarksburg Market.
Image 6
Kate’s aunt Gael proving that chickens really aren’t that scary. They’re actually full of cuddles!
Image 7
Kate inspired us to visit the beach in Meaford…for the first time this year (sad yes)…but check out how amazing it is. Take that ocean!

So thank you friends for your help. Thank you for peeling us away from the farm for a moment. But most of all thank you for not writing us off as your friends despite being a long ways from all of you and having chosen a lifestyle that is no so conducive to maintaining an active social life. It means a lot to us. The hardest thing about moving from BC to here was leaving behind friends and family…it’s a relief to know that we have settled in a place that so many people are able to come visit. Up next are my parents….who will likely put all of you to shame in the hard labour department.


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