The Evolution of the Hoophouse

In addition to blogging (which we haven’t done for awhile, sorry!), the hoophouse as been on our to-do list for a lonnnnnnng time. It’s finally done! Yay! The structure is 96′ x 20′ and has a double layer of plastic that we will put on for the wintertime, which will hopefully allow us to grow in it year round (think winter spinach, kale, arugula!!)

Pat has been taking photos for the past three months that show the building of the hoophouse. It’s funny, as we click through them now, it seemed like no big deal. But I speak from experience when I say setting up a hoophouse is one of the things we don’t really look forward to (cold metal, anal retentive measuring, heavy plastic, finicky hardware….need we say more?) Let’s hope we never ever have to move this one 🙂

As the plants start to grow big and tall we’ll add some more photos so you can see what a fantastic farm asset it is.

For those of you waiting for more blog posts, we have a few in the queue, and will start posting them just right after we get our irrigation set up (our last big farm set up thing!)

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