BCS – A small but mighty machine

We’ve had to make a few calculated, larger purchases on our way to building up the farm this year. One of them got dropped off last night by our friendly salesman from Highland Supply in Dundalk. We haven’t tried it out on the soil yet, because it’s still too wet, but we’re so excited about it, I just had to write a blog post.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.52.35 AM
Welcome fancy new machine! We promise to love you and change your oil regularly.

The BCS is not your standard rototiller. It has “Made in Italy” plastered all over it (speaking to my 1/4 Italian roots) and has a 12 hp diesel engine. It comes with all sorts of awesome implements that allow it to function much more like a tractor than a rototiller. Check out the rotary plow attachment which we’ll be using to use to make raised beds in our veggie fields.

Ooohhhh, love that soundtrack.

We likely could have found a small used ride-on tractor for the price that we paid for the BCS, but went with the walk behind for a few reasons:

-The lighter machine will cause less compaction on our soils (which is of increased importance in the heavy clay we’re farming in)
-The size of the machine makes it much more easy to manoeuvre in and out of densely planted veggie beds
-The attachments (of which there are many…) are affordable and are the right size for our operation

Hopefully this little machine will allow us to get on our soils earlier than June 1st (which is what we were quoted by the neighbouring farmer). Keep your fingers crossed for us that the weather warms up and the soil starts to dry out a little sooner.

K thanks for reading my nerdy equipment blogpost. You must be really keen (or my mom) to get through that 🙂


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