Farm Goals 2013

We’ve been on vacation in Thailand for the last couple of weeks on our belated honeymoon. Sort of a period of relaxation before we head home, pack up our house, relocate to Ontario and hit the ground running on the farming season. Our time here has been awesome and relaxing but inevitably we’ve been thinking and talking quite a bit about the impending farm season (which we have discussed is not such a bad thing as long as we aren’t doing actual farm work while on vacation).We’ve also been thinking quite a bit about our past farm and discussing what will be different this time around. Not that things were wrong with our previous farm, but we feel like we now have an opportunity to grow our farm and farming skills far beyond what we had before. With so much more land, more time (not being in school and also doing consulting work) and the security associated with farming on family owned land, our imaginations have run wild with potential future farm projects…we’ve had to reel ourselves in a few times. So, sitting on a sunset patio one afternoon, we came up with what we feel is a reasonable list of farm goals for the 2013 farm season and wanted to share them with you on the flog (farm-life blog). In no particular order…

1. We’re planning to try some new endeavors and take on some necessary and experimental farm projects this year in addition to producing veggies (which we feel we do reasonably well although there is always experimentation involved there) including:

  • raising poultry – eggs and turkey specifically this year
  • keeping bees and producing honey
  • cultivating mushrooms (the culinary kind)
  • learning how to make soap (using farm products)
  • building fences
  • restoring pastures
  • and creating an irrigation pond amongst other farm improvements

2. We plan to save seeds where we can for our use and for others (to either swap or sell)

3. We plan to produce food throughout the winter and if all goes well we will have a winter CSA.

4. We’re going to be better at social media which includes regular updates to the blog and lots of farm pictures (which are absent from this post since we are still away and this is being typed on a PC circa 1995.)

5. We are planning to attend a market from the beginning of the season to the end of the season – even if we don’t have much to sell (which we predict may be quite humbling).

6. We hope to find the farm – life balance which has been absent from our lives in the past due very much to our own inability to know our personal limits.

7. We will eat what we produce! This may seem really obvious but you’d be amazed how many times in the past we have worked through dinner time and ended up eating out even though there is abundance of food available from our fields.

8. We have set financial goals for the farm and we plan to achieve them. We want the farm to be able to sustain itself and be our primary source of income. Even though we may take on other projects, we don’t want to rely on off-farm income to get by.

9. We want to get involved with our new community and use our farm as a learning opportunity. We’re thinking of accepting apprentices in 2014…stay tuned for that.

10. We want to stay in shape physically and mentally. Hopefully this will come naturally with our new farm venture…we think it’s all about finding the balance between farm and life this time round for us.

With love and sun from Thailand,

Amy and Patrick


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